Paper Sculpture

Note: Please inquire about the availability of these works of paper. This page is being edited.


Newspapers are the voice of a particular community.   Along with general news, they express the point of view, opinions, and news of interest to that particular community, in its own language.  They detail social events, births and deaths, the totality of a given population’s interests.  They either connect people to the larger discourse, or insulate them from other communities.

With this in mind, I use newspapers as a proxy for the people whose political or social issues I wish to address, in languages that are specific to the idea of the piece.  Though I acknowledge any dark circumstances in the conflict or social situation I refer to, rather than express graphic details or battle scenes, I describe an elusive hope for resolution, or empathy where there is no resolution, or homage to a bright spot in the middle of potential calamity.

In these works, I address the narratives using line as a formal element, and shelter as a theme particularly important to me.

So Far view 1 for website   So Far 
     House Divided
    House With No Windows

Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic newspaper.  While I the builder immerse myself in the form, the material itself is conducting the conversation, or the war, or the negotiations or the neighborly discourse, around the form.  Yiddish represents one of the communities of Israel, but it represents me as well.   I am inserting myself into the work as an interested observer.

Bundled News I, newspapers in many languages, 48″ x 64″ x 16″
Bundled News II, newspapers in many languages, dimensions variable

These two works were built with newspapers in many languages found in the myriad communities of New York City.  They represented pluralistic communities, people living cheek to jowl, leaning into each other, leaning away, holding each other up, knocking each other down.