Please note: Soft Grids is available; other works in this set are available by commission only.

    Lemon Green Cubes

This piece is built with lines and open line-cubes, which are like defined captured space.   The contrast of colors and texture here are also very important: the matte light brown of bamboo, a growing thing, and the rigidly square cubes painted in brilliant yellowy green.

  Soft Grids

This piece is also built from squares – if stretched out, each three dimensional grid is measured out in equal 18” x 18” squares.  But both gravity and the string’s memory of being wrapped in a ball give the lines their permanent curl, as it were, and they seem to dance and pull closer towards the bottom.

   Elements of the Natural World

Like Lemon Green Cubes, both growing things and cerebral considerations are included in the notion of the natural world.  The tennis balls are all exactly 14” from the floor, and seem like a levitated floor.  Air currents cause them all to move in a gentle only slightly perceptible motion,  but together, not altering the space between them.

Spaces                          Water