Please note: works in this set, or similar works, are available by commission only.


These pieces are built on the properties of water in glass: reflection, refraction, distortion, and mirroring.  There are paintings or video or newspaper clippings under the bottom, but these are not visible unless the eye is above water line.  Below, everything is mirrored.

I discovered these properties totally by chance, while installing pieces in shows, and each subsequent piece incorporated my learning from the previous piece. One thing I learned is that galvanized steel rusts.

Time Does and Time Doesn't, detail 2   Time Does and Time Doesn’t

In this piece, forms sit outside looking in on a magical scene.  In the upper chamber, the water evaporates and condenses against the top glass, and a steady soft rain falls.


One solitary object in the upper chamber has acquired company, visually.


This piece is a memorial to the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.  A few boats sit placidly on the water, anchored with lead.  Multiplied and distorted, they sit over newspaper clippings and photos of the devastation.

     Birdhouse, Portrait of Laura Foreman

My friend Laura Foreman was a dancer, a choreographer, a sculptor, and a writer, who died of cancer at age 52.  I thought she would be pleased with a birdhouse built from a fish tank.  She would also like the riot of color, the reflection and duplication of form, and the inclusion of all her beloved endeavors into one work.

Spaces                            Lines                              Paper