Listen Closely, Ceres Gallery, April 25-May20th, 2023. Hebrew and Arabic newspapers, monotypes, mixed mediums.

Listen Closely is about Palestinians having a seat at the table, and presents some of the trials that Palestinians in the West Bank face on a daily basis. The chairs are wholly made of newspapers, and the table is made mostly of newspapers and monotypes, incorporating my love of sculpture and printmaking.

April, 2023

I am very happy with printmaking and drawing in several mediums.  I love charcoal.  I love oil pastels.  But at heart I am a sculptor.  I am particularly happy with my works on paper when they capture a feeling of deep space.

For a number of reasons I stopped making large constructions and sculptures and installations. I made some smaller ones, and then I didn’t work in 3D at all.  I have included images of several of them here in my website, in Archives, because I don’t want them to pass into oblivion, even though most no longer exist. They are a very important part of my art life and my art biography.

Story of the Sea, A Book

Story of the Sea is a new beginning, a composition in three dimensions enclosing ten monotypes.  This is an ideal for me, a direction forward.

Francine Perlman resume

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