Printmaking plus

Monotypes: Each monotype is unique, clearly, and in more ways than just the simple process. Viscosity printmaking involves the use of liquid ink and a soy-based ink, repelling each other as the breyer rolls across the plate. Some have been drawn on, with pastels or pencil or crayon. There is gold and copper leaf. These are printed on a variety of papers, from sturdy BFK Rives to delicate sekushi Japanese washi.

Journal Entries: My art is sometimes a place to hide in plain sight, to feel safe expressing deeply personal emotions. In each one in this series, Journal Entries, an actual, personal, private journal entry is written, but in Yiddish, and then written over, so that it’s out there and totally obscured at the same time. Vessels, objects of containment, accompany the journal entry, all drawn with colored pencil on an obscure photo-lithograph derived from a linear sculptural work of mine. (Soft Grids, found at “Constructions/Installations – Lines”).


    Oil Pastels

   Drawings on Black